About the Foundation

The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati was established in 1995 with ~$70 million in assets from the Jewish Hospital of Cincinnati. In 2010, the Foundation sold Jewish Hospital to Mercy Health, and the proceeds increased the Foundation’s asset base, which is now more than $400 million.

The Foundation now invests approximately $18 million annually in the Cincinnati Jewish community to strengthen Jewish identity, Jewish education and engagement, and to ensure that the basic needs of vulnerable community members are met. The Foundation also provides capacity building grants enabling the community’s institutions to meet individual needs efficiently and effectively.

A Tribute to the Original Trustees of The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati

Download a pdf of the booklet here.

The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati and the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati

The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati is an independent private foundation that is legally separate from the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, which is a nonprofit organization. The two organizations each have their own Trustees and professional staffs, as well as their own respective rules of governance, community goals and practices. While the Foundation makes investments in the local community from assets derived in large part from the sale of The Jewish Hospital of Cincinnati, the Federation raises funds from the community and allocates them to programs locally, in Israel and around the world. But what the Foundation and Federation have in common is that they are both stewards of Jewish community resources, and as such, work very closely together with the shared vision to ensure a vibrant Cincinnati Jewish community. The Jewish Foundation is both a significant supporter of the Jewish Federation’s Annual Community Campaign and a planning and funding partner with the Jewish Federation on a variety of projects in the areas of Senior Services, Poverty and other Vital Services, Jewish Education, Israel Awareness and Travel Grants, Leadership Development and many others.

The Jewish Foundation and Cincinnati’s Congregations

Synagogues serve a broad spectrum of Jews throughout their entire lives, fostering a sense of belonging to community, and providing grass-roots spiritual support and pastoral care for those in need. The Jewish Foundation recognizes the importance of partnering with our congregations in order to help them continue their vital role in Jewish life, and the Foundation is working closely with local rabbis to determine the most efficient ways to support our mutual goals in order to maintain a strong and vibrant Jewish community.

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